Opalene’s story begins like many others: she was born to loving parents and had a rather idyllic childhood. Her parents were kind, loving souls who instilled in her a passion for kindness and peace. They fostered her love of art and music and encouraged her to follow her heart. Opalene enjoyed an almost story-book childhood until illness took her parents far too early in life. Devastated and lost, she turned to conjury and the healing arts to try to mend her wounds of grief and loss.

Opalene Rose

Without the guidance of her parents, Opalene wandered Eorzea. Along her journey she aided hundreds of friends (and foes) in need — curing illnesses and healing wounds. While this mission in life was always very fulfilling to her, she felt incomplete; a sense of longing for family overwhelmed her.

Opalene Rose

Opalene wandered for many years before she began to put down roots of her own. She has started a new quest - one of self-discovery. She has revived her passion for music and art, and has begun to explore the Eorzean nightlife. She has found a sense of self-confidence she didn’t know she possessed, and has been able to embrace the darker side of her own personality, which has been forged by pain and loss.


Race: Raen
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Turquoise


Likes: The beach, art, and music
Dislikes: Egotism and cruelty
Strengths: Strong-willed yet kind-hearted
Weaknesses: Timid and shy when outside of her comfort zone


Being able to photograph what makes you you is the BEST feeling ever. Let me capture your happiest moments so you can treasure them always.


It is important to me to capture your unique characteristics, personality, attitude, and emotions... Not just your physical appearance.

Boudoir photo sessions are available upon request. Some limitations may apply.


In a sea of photography subjects, few are more captivating than couples in love. Tell me what makes you and your partner tick, and I'll try to capture it! I strive to photograph the uniqueness of your bond with your partner so you may reflect upon your love every time you look at your portrait.

Couple's boudoir photo sessions are available upon request. Some limitations may apply.


Whether you're showing off your venue's decor or it's amazingly talented staff, you need your photographs to shine. Photos used for promotion need to draw the audience in, making them want to BE in your establishment and interacting with your staff. Let me show off all you have to offer for all of Eorzea to enjoy!


Listed below you will find the current pricing for my photography services. Prices are subject to change, however not after your deposit is received. To schedule a photo session, please fill out the contact form here.

• • • Character Photography • • •

Portrait200k gilIncludes 1 person in 1 or 2 poses, 3-5 photos of each pose
Couple400k gilIncludes 2 people in 1 or 2 poses, 3-5 photos of each pose
Group600k gilIncludes 3 people in 1 or 2 poses, 3-5 photos per pose

Additional people are 50k gil per person. Applicable to the Group Package only.
Boudoir photos are subject to an up-charge.

• • • Venue Photography • • •

Small150k gilIncludes 3-7 photos of your venue
Medium350k gilIncludes 5-10 photos of your venue
Large500k gilIncludes 7-15 photos of your venue
Private Rooms100k gil ea.3-5 photos per private room
Staff Member100k gilIncludes one head shot of staff member

I only accept payments of FFXIV gil. After initial consultation, a 50% deposit is required to secure your photo session. After the photo-shoot you will receive low resolution, watermarked proofs of all of your photos (typically 1-2 days for image touch up and processing). If you are happy, please promptly pay the remaining 50% balance, and your high resolution images (sans watermark) will be sent to you. If at any point during the process you have questions or concerns, please reach out to me via Discord (Opalene#2266).

housing design:

Housing decor and design has become a fulfilling way for me to express myself creatively. I pride myself on my venue design, but would be overjoyed to create a personal space you'll love to call home.


From small cottages to large mansions, your property can be transformed into a beautiful place of business. Whether you run a tavern, café, or nightclub (or anything else in between), I can create a space where you and your patrons can kick back, relax and have fun!





Make yourself at home! Whether you want a cozy kitchen, spa-like bath, home theater (or all of the above!) let me turn your house into a home.




other projects:

Please enjoy a sampling of my other projects. From a Rak'tika-themed spa, to Eastern-themed loft bedroom, upscale art museum, or full Fashion Show runway let me create the space of your dreams!

If you like what you see, and would like to use one of these projects as inspiration for your venue or personal property, let me know!


Listed below you will find the current pricing for my housing design services. Because I am an omni-crafter who resides on Faerie, rates on that server are lower since I can craft furnishings as opposed to purchasing them for your property. To schedule a housing commission, please fill out the contact form here.

• • • Faerie Housing Design Rates • • •

Small4-5milInterior design of a small cottage
Medium8-12milInterior design of a medium house
Large15-20milInterior design of a large mansion
Sm. Yard1-1.5 milExterior design of a small cottage plot
Med. Yard2-2.5milExterior design of a medium house plot
Lg. Yard3-3.5milExterior design of a large mansion plot

• • • Housing Design Rates • • •

Small6-7milInterior design of a small cottage
Medium11-15milInterior design of a medium house
Large20-25milInterior design of a large mansion
Sm. Yard2-2.5 milExterior design of a small cottage plot
Med. Yard3-3.5milExterior design of a medium house plot
Lg. Yard4-4.5milExterior design of a large mansion plot

I only accept payments of FFXIV gil. Payment in full is due after initial consultation to secure your spot. By agreeing to have me design your property you also give me permission to take photos of the work to post in my portfolio, Instagram, Discord servers, and other locations. This may or may not include your server and plot location. Housing commissions typically take 5-10 days to complete depending on size and style requested. If at any point during the process you have questions or concerns, please reach out to me via Discord (Opalene#2266).

Contact me:

My virtual door is always open. If you have any questions or would like to hire me to do photography or decorating, please drop me a line with the contact form below. I'll get back to you just as soon as I can!

Opalene Rose

“When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.”

— Maya Angelou

My public statement regarding Elana Astrea and Moonlit Kiss.

I was about to log out of FFXIV Monday, December 14, 2020 when my friend on Aether asked if I’m available for a voice chat because she needed to talk. I popped into her Discord server and was told Elana Astrea has been trash talking me to RP venue owners on the Aether datacenter. One of them joined the VC and told me how Elana sought her out, asking if she owned a venue, and then Elana proceeded to bad mouth me (completely unaware that this venue owner and I are acquaintances on very good terms).

Up until now, I haven’t really shared the whole story behind why I left Moonlit Kiss, and how it contributed to me leaving the Crystal datacenter. The truth is that while I was still with Moonlit, Elana admitted that her motives for running her venue were to destroy other venues, be “the best'’, and further her personal vendettas. She told me that her “Infinite Love” / “Spread Love Not Hate” campaigns are simply to copy and be better than A’ley Bristanne and the “Vibe Tribe” movement. All of this is pettiness, hostility, and vindictiveness are counter to why I roleplay, so I immediately left her venue, staff, and Discord.

Since then, I have tried to put Moonlit, Elana, and all the negativity that goes with them behind me — focusing instead on my friends and playing the game for its content. I have not uttered Elana’s name except for when people come to me to ask about the rumors and lies she’s been telling. I ultimately decided to transfer to the Aether datacenter to put distance between myself and people like Elana Astrea, only to discover that’s not possible.

I try to follow the mantra “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” It’s what I teach my children, and how I try to live my life. Despite everything, I won’t sink to the level of cyber-bullies who make it their mission to tear others down. That said, I won’t hold my tongue and keep the truth to myself either. And so, I am sharing my story with you here.

If you should have any questions, or wish to discuss any of this, feel free to contact me. My DMs are always open.